1. Lose My Grip

From the recording Lose My Grip

Words and Music: Warren G. Beatty
Lead Vocals: Warren G. Beatty
Background Vocals: Warren G. Beatty
Piano and Orchestration: Warren G. Beatty
Guitars, Bass, Drums: Joel Ferguson
Guitar Solos: Lou Musa and Joel Ferguson
Arranged by: Joel Ferguson, Criss Wheeler and Warren G. Beatty
Produced by: Joel Ferguson, Criss Wheeler and Warren G. Beatty
Recorded and mixed by: Joel Ferguson at Planet Sunday Studios
Mastered by: Al McAvoy at Atomic Sound
(C) 2024


Confusing what is real
My thoughts have traveled in and out love’s door
The contemplated heal
We dance around in search of something more

It seems I’ve no control of this
My empty heart I feel it slip
I pray for just a future glimpse, but holding on I lose my grip
I can’t get back to what we were
I’ve tried to reach for it
Holding on, I lose my grip

Emotions left behind
We speak of everything but nothing that remains
Our chosen words unkind
The anger frozen that’s heated by the blame